ma cashback rewards!

Who doesn’t want to earn cash back just by shopping online? Ask me how! It’s free!

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CASHBACK rewards!

My husband has just redeemed his cashback from his purchases on my webportal, just for shopping online through my site! Visit to sign up for free! It’s that easy!

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Cleanse day 4…

Note to self- don’t eat too much protein while on the cleanse and then take a hot yoga class. Not. fun.

I’m feeling much better now- the cleanse is really great, and a couple of hours of feeling rotten is worth it if my body is better for it!

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Day 2 of my Nutri-Clean cleanse, and so far so good! I’ve done this cleanse before and it’s fantastic- especially after the holiday indulgences… very gentle, and I can still take class, yoga, teach, etc. Check it out on my “featured products”.

It’s a wonderful way to start a healthful new year.

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Care package for troops!

So my brother-in-law has been deployed and has requested the usual items… candy, mints, magazines, word searches, etc.

He also asked for a batch of my homemade biscotti which I will happily make for him. Yum!

He also asked for toilet paper. Yep. Apparently there is a daily ration given, and if they run out, they have to wait until the next day. Wow.

So, when sending your care-packages to our troops, be sure to include some toilet paper! I know I wouldn’t want to be without it.

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Protect your online identity…

I just got off the phone with my credit card company’s fraud department. Someone had used my card to buy things…BUT- customer service was great and all is just fine.

It reminds me of just how important it is to protect your identity online… I have an online business and do the majority of my transactions over the internet. It is extremely safe and trustworthy, but people can be crafty.  It may seem obvious, but it is the little things- like closing your browser after viewing sensitive information, and not saving your payment details after a purchase.

Now, to the person who decided to buy themselves a Christmas present with my money- SHAME ON YOU! Yours will come- I’m a big believer in the karma train. Good luck avoiding that one.

Cheers and Happy 2011 to all!

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California girl avoids snow storm

The blizzard of 2010 hit and now it’s over. I don’t think I got off of the couch the entire day…except to retrieve the occasional snack and beverage. This is how I like to enjoy the snow- from the comfort of my warm home!

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Market America does it again!

Our company has just announced a merger with! Click on the link below to watch our founder and CEO on Bloomberg TV! I am consistently amazed at the growth of our online presence! Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image
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air conditioner

I finally broke down today and turned on the air conditioner. Our cat was laying on her back looking miserable, so I did it. She did a celebratory lap through the apartment…

It’s gonna be a hot one this week! Check on your pets people- make sure your air is on!

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Please shut your windows!

Hello again to all in blog-land! I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve written, and I promise to do better this year.

Let’s get right to it. I know that when you live in New York City you are going to have to deal with noise. Buses, subways, babies, people, I get it. With that… I have a neighbor. This neighbor lives across the alley. He thinks he can sing. His friends think he and they can sing. I beg to differ. THEY CANNOT.

They scream and yell various songs- sometimes it’s a Beatles anthology (sorry Ringo), other times it’s different show tunes. Now, I am a musical theater baby and I love a good show tune…


They yell these songs with the windows wide open into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes they scream in unison, sometimes they yell in a futile attempt at harmony.

I know that none of them have a job singing anywhere because they wouldn’t be home causing my ears to bleed on a regular basis.

My husband has yelled out the window at them and that seemed to shock them into stopping- for a bit.

All he has to do is shut his damn windows so myself and the rest of the neighborhood will no longer be subjected to the full horror of his daily “concerts.”

I’m seriously considering getting a bow and arrow.

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