Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful Mothers out there- but especially to my Mom Caryn, my Mother-in-Law Jenny, and my Best Friend Gayle. I hope you all have a great day!

Much love from Dance Teacher Lady

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Heavy breathing and arm swinging is not very yoga-esque!

I am reminded today of my first time taking a bikram yoga class- hot, sweaty, smelly- I wanted to scream and run out of the room. But I stayed, and three years later, I am hooked. Today I took class next to someone who just could not stop moving, breathing heavily, and doing some kind of arm swinging that I swear could land planes! I have had times in the past where there would be heavy breathers next to me (in class, I mean) and it would drive me crazy! Today was different. Maybe it’s because I am “evolving” as a yogi? Is the light feeling in my head a new found enlightenment, or just day two of a detox that I am doing that is making my head spin? Either way, my first instinct wasn’t to rip my classmates arms off- I just breathed- and let him do the same.

My next class is Thursday- I hope the heavy breather stands somewhere else- just in case…

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Going away for a while

So Dance Teacher Lady is apparently moving to a new server. (Mr. Dance Teacher Lady is doing it, I don’t know what it all means) So you will not be able to read anything I post for a couple of days. But don’t worry, the days off will give me plenty of time to think up new things to blog about!

Stay tuned!


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MTA (Grrrr)

I get it- we’re in a recession. But this new MTA budget plan is absolutely ridiculous! I wonder what actually goes on at these supposed meetings? Do these decision makers actually weigh in the pros and cons of a fair hike and then just say too bad, we’re doing it anyway? AND I refuse to accept that after a budget surplus (remember that?) not too long ago that there is no more money. What happened to the money?

The MTA needs an audit and some serious house cleaning. I also believe that as New Yorkers we all need to speak out against this horrific turn of events. We need to write our Senators, our members of Congress- and we need to get the word out that we will NOT stand for this fare hike.

Yes, I am on my soap box! Who else will join me and take a stand?

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I’m Back!

Yes- it has been a long time, but Dance Teacher Lady is back blogging! So much has happened over the last few months… I got married-( yay!), my online business is booming, and I’m getting back in the acting and performing game (as if I didn’t have enough things on my plate already.)
So, stay tuned for regular postings with links and info on all sorts of things that I’ve been up to these few months off.

A special thank you to Mr. Dance Teacher Lady for keeping me on track. :)

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Heather Armstrong- dooce.com

I just watched the video from NBC’s Today show with master blogger Heather Armstrong! Bryan introduced me to her site (dooce.com) and I have to say it is the best blog out there. I also have to comment on the fact that Kathie-Lee Gifford is obnoxious! Bravo Heather for maintaining your composure and having to listen to the nonsense that was oozing from Kathie-Lee’s mouth. It really does make me re-think my devotion to that news broadcast. ABC, anyone?

In any case, visit dooce.com- it’s great! Oh, and shameless plug- visit Bryan’s site too- it’s awesome!

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Damn Futon Cover!

Everything has a protective cover… now, the mattress pad is it’s own scary beast, but the futon cover is a close relative from hell! I liken the mattress cover to a fair-weather friend you see every now and then who just takes shots at how unfulfilled your life is where as the futon cover is like a relative that you haven’t see for a while, and when you do, you just want to stay inebriated to avoid the inappropriate questions about your lack of job, children, spouse, etc. Anyway, I had to practically get in the cover itself so that the seams line up perfectly when I put the futon (beautifully covered and clean) back on the frame. I could just let the cover rot and never clean it again, but it would go against all of my OCD traits that would rival Monica on “Friends”!

Now the living room looks sparkly and lovely, with a subtle scent of detergent and fabric softener- a perfect invitation for the cat to redistribute her fur all over the futon and begin the dirtying up process once more.

P.S. while making the bed this morning, there was cat fur on the blanket. It never ends…

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Jury Duty- let’s finish this up!

Jury Duty ended some time ago, and I have been avoiding sharing more because I honestly have forgotten so much of what happened! In a nutshell, this woman was suing her former boss for assault, battery, false imprisonment, etc etc. She wanted A LOT of money for damages. Quite frankly, after hearing all of the testimony, she was a liar. I didn’t believe her for one hot second and I am appalled that this case even got to the “docket”. (I’ve learned so much court lingo I think I’m a lawyer! Or better yet, a judge!)

We found the defendant not guilty on all charges. It took us five minutes to figure this out. It took the lawyers what seemed like years to present their cases. There should be some kind of time limit as to how long someone can talk in a court room. And, there should be a limit to the number of objections as well. Oh, if I ruled the world…wait- I don’t want that job! I do enough already!

Don’t get me wrong- I appreciate that our court system exits because I certainly don’t want to be burned at the stake if I am ever sued- honestly I’m sure it probably would have happened already considering my big mouth, but I see now why our court system is so clogged up. Anyone can sue anyone for anything! Even if there is nothing behind it!

I think I will stick to watching episodes of “Law and Order: SVU” and leave it at that. That’s as much of the court system I think I can handle.

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Damn mattress pad!

Every week I go though this when I do laundry- the mattress pad for my bed seems to shrink and then I have a fight with it to get it back on the bed! Why don’t I just buy a new one? Because I put it on our Wedding registry and I don’t want to buy one! I know, I should just get one- they aren’t expensive… but I am being a baby and clearly I need a nap, so, that’s what I am going to do!

By the way, the bed is made. I won the battle- this time…

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The Man on the C Train

I am taking a break from the jury duty saga to share the story of the man I observed on the C train.

A well-dressed man gets on the C train at 125th Street with a newspaper, plastic bag, coffee mug, and a large syringe.

Man proceeds to sit down and place the newspaper and bag next to him.

Man then places coffee mug on floor of train.

Man takes syringe and places it in the mug and draws out what I only hope is coffee.

Man drinks from syringe.

Man does this a few more times then gets up, undoes his belt buckle (oh god), and walks to the far end of the train away from me (thank god).

He looks out the train window for a bit, while drinking from his syringe, walks back to his seat, keeps his pants on (thank you thank you), and sits down.

Does coffee taste better from a syringe? I didn’t have the opportunity to ask as my stop was soon after and I couldn’t wait to get above ground.

I wonder what was in the plastic bag?

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